5 Tips to hire a web designer in Sydney, Australia

So you feel like its time to get a new website. You did a bit of research and the quotation you had been getting varies from couple of hundred dollars to thousands. And you are completely confused.

Thinking of getting a web design like buying a car. If you want to buy a car, you can get one really cheap or you can spend fortune for it. But most importantly, it depends upon your budget and what best you can get out of it. At the end of the day, you will choose the best out of what suits best in your budget.

Likewise in web design too, you will have options, but you will have to choose from one that best suits your budget. There might be some dodgy contractors or agencies that might be too good to true while there might be some that are too fancy for requirements.

I have worked as WordPress Developer and web designer for several years and have helped local companies to get best ROI and better SEO rankings. I am providing honest suggestions and 5 most important tips to choose a good web designer or agency based on my experiences.

Have a budget in mind

Having a budget in mind - this is quiet critical. You can filter agencies or freelances based on it. Generally, with rule of thumb is with decent budget you can get decent designer, which may not be true all the time.

Don't choose based on the low quotes only. Try to get the best option out of your budget - based on designer's or agency's experiences, portfolio, location and references.

Choose your preference – agency or freelancer

You have to choose whether you will like to work with an agency or a freelancer.

Working with agency can be helpful if you are looking for all round services such as copy-writing, web development and hosting. On other side, working with an agency might be little bit costlier compared to working with freelancers.

Likewise, working with freelancer will bring advantage of being cost effective. On other hand, working with freelancer, you might not get all services as you need. They might be good in few areas and lack some other expertise. For example, I design and develop but I am not a copywriter.

In my cases, most of the time, I ask my clients to sort out copy for the website. This had turn out to be really good in terms of ROI, as most of the website I have built are doing quiet well in SEO.

Look at their portfolio

By the time you are looking to hire a web designer, I am guessing, you might have some ideas on what you are looking for. And you want to make sure your new website will add value to your business.

Finding out capabilities of your new designer isn't a hard task. Just ask them to send you list of few website they have built or ask them for their portfolio site, and then you can decide.

Check testimonials and ask for references

Asking for references or checking testimonials is another way to find the quality of web designer.

If the designer have a website you can check if they have good words from the clients they have worked with. If they do, and if you want to make sure if they provided with genuine testimonials, you can also do some reference check. A good designer with proven record will have happy clients willing to speak for them.

Ask them for extra services they can provide

Good chance is that when you are designing a website, you are thinking of developing a site too, or maybe optimise website for SEO too. So it might be really good and cost effective option to ask if your designer can provide some other services too.

With me, I take in pride of designing website with SEO and conversion in mind, and I implement SEO best practices when designing a website. On top of that I am proficient as WordPress Developer and Laravel Developer. This is one of the main reason why website I built does really well in SEO.


At the end of the day, it really comes to what you prioritise most. Budget or quality or mix of both. I hope the tips I provided above will help your decision making bit easy.